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About Us

We believe that our core business is to provide students with engaging and intellectually rich schoolwork.

 System Goals 2009-2010

Each year goals are set for the school year that include plans for how we intend to achieve them.


Please take a moment to look at Trussville City Schools' Annual Goals.

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 Our Beliefs

Trussville City Schools' belief statements are crucial to our everyday decision making and day-to-day operations. We believe the mission and vision is an everyday reminder of what and who we are here for-- the students, the parents, and all stakeholders.

See Trussville City Schools' Belief Statements


 History and Timeline

Trussville Schools have a rich history dating back to 1869 as the "Trussville Academy" founded by Robert Greene Hewitt.

For a complete history outlined by Earl Massey (Trussville Historian) click here.


 Alabama's Education Report Card

View the 2008-2009 Report Card


Information in the state report card is for all Alabama public schools and contains general student information, staffing information, and funding information. For specific information relating to Trussville City Schools, see index:

  •  - Page 17 indicates Trussville City Schools general information (average attendance, computer access, drop-out rate, etc.)
  • - Page 23 indicates Trussville City Schools revenue by source information
  • - Page 25 indicates Trussville City Schools per pupil expenditures
  • - Page 27 indicates Trussville City Schools expenditures by funding



View  TCS' 2006-2009 SAT Comparison Chart


 Achievements and Highlights

Trussville City Schools has so much to be proud of such as great teachers, great students, and great leadership. To see a complete listing of our most recent accomplishments click here.  

 What's Going On In Our Schools?

There is always something good happening at our schools. Whether it is a musical production, fundraiser, PTA meeting or an athletlic event, we want you to be informed. SEE MORE!

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