Technology Resources for Students

  • Technology Resources for Students

    Click on any icon to use that resource.  If you do not know your password, most of these apps are available on Clever.  Remember, your Clever user name is your first name with 4 numbers and your password is your first name initial, your last name initial, and your lunch number.  


    If your name were John Doe, your user name and password might look like this.  (Remember all lower case letters.)

    User name:  john5101

    Password: jd866990


    Technology Resource Icons     

    Clever      Dreambox      Raz Kids         

    Study Island      MyOn      Epic               

    AR Book Finder      AR Home Connect      Accelerated Reader      

    Performance Series      Achievement Series      MackinVia      

    Google Drive      Google Classroom      Pebble Go        

    BrainPop      Brainpop Junior      ABC Ya

    Mystery Science      StemScopes      StarFall         

    KeyBoarding      Social Studies Weekly

    AL Virtual Library      CES Book Finder      April

    Enchanted Learning      iCivics      Sheppard Software

    Kahoot      Trussville Website      Ticket to Read

     MobyMax           Math Playground           Math Magician

    Cool Math            Cosmic Kids           PBS Jam

    The Magic School Bus           Origami Star Wars           Spell City