• Reservation Calendar

    You may check the calendar below for vacancies and reserve a specific space. You can view different spaces by using the small arrow in the top right corner of the calendar. I’ve also included seating and computer numbers for each space below. If you are not picky about what space you would like, simply fill out the reservation form underneath the calendar and I will place you based on availability. I check calendar reservations once daily in the mornings. I will follow up with an email to let you know you are on the calendar. Thank you.

Space & Device Info
  • *This is the full capacity of the library, not including the club chairs. The library is arranged in two separate “classrooms” with a small group space in the middle.

    *One cart of 33 chromebooks stays in the library at all times. If more computers are needed, a mobile cart can be reserved.

    *The conference room has no projector, but the large TVs can be wheeled into the room for projection purposes.