Flex Day Information

  • Trussville City Schools is committed to ensuring success for all students by applying high standards for professional learning for everyone who affects student learning.  Trussville City Schools understands the need to differentiate professional development for teachers.  For the 2019-2020 school year, August 7, 2019 and October 14, 2019, will be deemed as flex days; however, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the multiple summer PD opportunities before returning on August 8th.  Each school principal will provide a Google link to his/her teachers for teachers to sign up for Summer PD by May 17.  To earn the credit for the two flex days, you must complete 12 hours of professional development outside of the school day.  Flex days are designated for professional development.  However, you are given flexibility regarding the professional development.  Each year you will work with your principal to develop a professional development plan that meets your individual needs as well as aligning to system and school goals.  Trussville City Schools will offer professional development opportunities throughout the summer.  Facilitators for professional development will vary depending upon the topic.
    As a part of the Trussville City Schools professional learning program, we have a Flex Plan LiveBinder for you to see available PD offerings for this summer.  If you choose to participate in these pre-approved PD events, you will NOT need to complete a project application form.  You will simply sign up.  To earn professional development flex hour credit, you may participate in Professional Learning Communities, grade level/department teams, or book studies, outside the school day.  You must present your idea to your principal to ensure that it follows the philosophy of the system-wide instructional program.  If the project is approved, you or one person from the proposal team must complete a project application (see Registration Information tab in LiveBinder link below), sign in sheet and summary form (see Registration Information tab in LiveBinder link below) to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.  Teachers who lead professional development may count the sessions they lead toward their flex hours; however, if a teacher is paid by another entity for leading the PD, that event cannot count as your FLEX day.   Requests to use flex hours for professional development outside of the Trussville City Schools system must be pre-approved by submitting a form to your principal, unless the event is already listed in the Flex Plan calendar. Book studies not included in the PD calendar must be approved and must be completed by August 4th. These count as six hours of PD.  Funding is not guaranteed for professional development outside of Trussville City Schools.
    • Everyone must register in Chalkable PD or complete the pre-approval process for PD not on the approved list before your principal's deadline which will be before the last day of school.  
    • Remember, all Flex PD not on the approved list must be approved by your school principal. Approval for Flex Day PD must be obtained before May 17, 2019.  
    • If attending a session outside of TCS, you must submit a project application prior to attending the training, and an agenda and certificate of attendance to Curriculum and Instruction upon completion.
    • If you have any questions, email Lisa Berry or Theresa Ray.
    • Do NOT  request professional development days in the time system for Flex days. If you do not participate in Flex days, you will need to request personal days in the time system.
    Visit the Flex Day Opportunities in LiveBinder for more information.