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From Dr. Pattie Neill - Increased School Security 

Dear Trussville Community,


I have had hundreds of emails regarding increased school safety and I am sending this mass email because it will be impossible for me to answer each email individually. I am honored to work in a concerned community and I understand the urgency in hearing from the school administrators with our local response to a national event.  I have personally never imagined such an evil force that invaded Sandy Hook Elementary School, but I do know it could happen anywhere and we need to be prepared.


All school administrators and teachers share your concern about school safety in light of the horrific tragedy that took place in Connecticut. We are all on the same page when it comes to protecting our precious children. There are three action steps in place for this week:


1) Schools will be on a partial lockdown which means that all exterior doors will be locked and it will be business as usual inside the building. Each principal will be monitoring class flow from exterior buildings to the main building.

2) I spoke with Mayor Melton and Lt. Bridges today and a police officer will be visibly present at all school campuses, including Paine. A new officer and Lt. Bridges will arrive at the Paine campus at approximately 7:15am Monday morning.

3) School crisis teams will assemble as planned to field questions and concerns from students, teachers and parents. We want everyone to feel safe and know that we care.


Individual school safety plans were reviewed in administrative team meetings in September, October and December of this school year and we are ready to implement these 3 action steps immediately.


 If you have additional concerns you may email me or your school principal. We are all shocked, saddened, and on guard with a promise to do all we can to protect our children.



Dr. Pattie Neill

TCS Superintendent


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