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Inclement Weather/Snow Plan 

In the event we need to close school for the day or delay the start of school, please review the following:

·         When assessing the weather conditions, district personnel gather information from a variety of resources including Emergency Management Agency, Mayor Melton, Chief Sivley, and other districts for updates on road conditions in the county and city;

·         Because weather conditions change from hour to hour, it is sometimes difficult to make a weather decision the evening before the weather is expected to arrive.  Many times, school closure or the delay of school conversations begin late in the evening into the early hours (3:00 or 4:00 am) prior to a decision being made.  On some occasions, the system has been able to make a scheduling decision the day before so that parents, faculty and staff know will happen the following day. This usually happens when precipitation is already on the ground and the temperatures are such that the precipitation on the ground is frozen and/or will refreeze;

·         Because transporting students on school buses is a safety issue, we will make every effort to make a decision before the first route begins, which is around 6:00 a.m. -- if not the evening before. Safety is our utmost concern.

·         It is our hope to make an announcement to faculty/staff and parents in a timely manner (see *note below).

We will communicate the announcement in a variety of ways:

o   Trussville City Schools Website - An orange alert bar will indicate any emergency announcements for the day. (THIS IS THE BEST PLACE FOR PARENTS AND EMPLOYEES TO FIND WEATHER MESSAGES.)

o   School Messenger - Our school notification system via phone or email will let you know the system’s announcement.  If you do not receive any notification, please contact your school’s receptionist to update your information. Your contact information is pulled from what is loaded into our student information system (STI) by the parents during online registration.

o   Media - We will contact all major news and radio stations if school is cancelled or delayed. 

o   Facebook – Trussville City Schools has a Facebook page in which you will receive a message if you are a “friend or fan” of Trussville City Schools. Anyone can be a friend or fan of the page.

*Note:  It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete notifying local media, updating the system website, and sending out a School Messenger call, so check the Trussville City Schools Web Page as the most reliable and quickest form of notification.

·         All school athletic events and afterschool care will be cancelled if the school is closed unless otherwise notified;

We hope this explanation helps everyone understand the process and the steps taken to make the best possible decision.   

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