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"We believe that the school system is a learning organization that focuses on continuous learning at all levels."



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 Trussville City Schools Student Programs

Program NameDescriptionContactLink
collapse School: PP
Accelerated Reading / AR
Accelerated Reading / AR - A reading program that focuses on student reading comprehension.
Charlene Hallman
After School Community Education
After School Community Education
Bill HamiltonCommunity Education Page
Jennifer Scotthttps://www.trussvillecityschools.com/Teachers/Jennifer.Scott/default.aspx
Box Tops for Education
Box Tops for Education - Collect box tops from poplular products sold in most groceries.  Turn them in to your child's teacher - each one is worth $.10 for our school!
Tommi Lacyhttps://www.trussvillecityschools.com/Staff/Tommi.Lacy/default.aspx
DIBELS - A standardized assessment used with K-5th graders to evaluate alphabetic principle, phonemic awareness, reading fluency and comprehension. 
Sabrina Wilkshttps://dibels.uoregon.edu/
Fitness Arcade
Fitness Arcade
Scott Burnethttps://www.trussvillecityschools.com/Teachers/Scott.Burnett/default.aspx
Friday Freeze
Friday Freeze - During registration, parents can elect to have their child participate in this fund raiser.  Cold Stone Creamery delivers icecream to particpating students once a month.
Front Officehttp://www.coldstonecreamery.com/
Ink and Cell Phone Recycling
Ink and Cell Phone Recycling - Paine Primary participates in an ink cartridge and old cell phone recycling program.  Please drop off any of these items at our front office to help support the school.
PP Office
Library / Media Center
Library / Media Center
Rachel BrockmanLibrary / Media Center Site
Sally Murrayhttps://www.trussvillecityschools.com/Teachers/sally.murray/default.aspx
My Capstone Library
Paine Primary Library's collection of Interactive Internet books.  Both fiction and nonfiction are included.  Please contact librarian for username and password.
Rachel Brockmanhttp://www.mycapstonelibrary.com
Physical Education
Physical Education
Scott Burnett, Jamie Giangrosso, Scott Cooperhttps://www.trussvillecityschools.com/Teachers/Scott.Burnett/default.aspx
Raz Kids
Raz Kids - A site with children's interactive eBooks.
Charlene Hallmanhttp://www.raz-kids.com/
Singapore Math
Singapore Math
Singapore Math
Charlene HallmanComputer Education Site
Ticket to Read
A fun, digital, leveled reading program for students!
collapse School: PI
Club Day
PI is pleased to offer Club Days to our students at least 6 times per semester on Thursdays.  Each grade will go to their club for 90 minutes.  Each student chooses a club to participate in for the semester.  Some of our club choices are:
Sports & Fitness, Yearbook, Husky Helpers, Board Games, Golf, Engineering, Art, Choir, Drama, Computer, Girl Scouts, Survival and Spirit Squad.
Lauren Blake
Drama Club
Drama Club is for 5th Grade only.  Drama Club students are chosen at the beginning of each school year and prepare for 1 school wide performance each year. 
Jennifer Bruno, Ruth Ann Clay & Anne OwensDrama Club Website
Gifted and Talented Education (GaTE)

Students that are identified as Gifted and Talented at Paine Intermediate are served through our GaTE (Gifted and Talented Education) program.  We use the State of Alabama eligibility criteria to determine whether a student qualifies for our program.  All students are screened for GaTE in 2nd grade and again when SAT scores are released in 4th through 6th grades.  The GaTE program is an enrichment pullout program through which we strive to challenge students and instill the love of learning.  We use the concept based curriculum model and each year we look at our units of study through a different conceptual lens helping students to make connections between broad concepts and topics.

Sue Koch and Niki Lincoln
Safety Patrol
Students from each 5th grade class will be selected by homeroom teachers to serve for one grading period during the first semester.  Fourth graders will be selected for Safety Patrol the second semester.  The selections will be made by the homeroom teachers based on responsibility, effort put forth in the classroom, positive attitudes, etc. rather than set criteria such as honor roll and no conduct checks.  It is possible, but not likely, that a student will be selected more than once.  This will allow all qualified students to serve on Safety Patrol at least one time.   
Lauren Blake or Niki Lincoln
Science Olympiads
Science Olympiad is a competition team who participate in challenges that test their knowledge in various science topics. Students on the team prepare for the challenges through research, investigation, hypothesizing, testing, and reflecting. We compete in a regional Science Olympiad Competition in February against other elementary school teams. Team members are selected in the spring through an application process for the following school year.
Niki Lincoln or Sue Koch
Accelerated Reader (AR)
AR is a wonderful reading program we utilize here at Paine.  Please read Mrs. Bruno's Blog Post to find out what it is all about!
Beth Bruno, Kelly McGough
Other technology integration includes our school’s morning show, WPIN, which is broadcast to every classroom via closed-circuit television. Fourth and fifth grade students write, direct and produce the show each day.  Special reports are done weekly, including Skyping with people in other states and other countries.  
Kelly Watkins & Elizabeth Wilson
collapse School: HTMS
Art Class
Kristin Bloodworth
Art Rotation
The 6th grade art rotation class lasts only 9 weeks.  Students will gain an understanding of what makes a “good” drawing by learning and applying skills of observation, composition, and shading through the drawing objects from real life.  Students will also have the opportunity to create art based on the styles of famous artists, using various techniques of painting, collage, and simple printmaking.  By the end of the 9 weeks students will also have learned one-point linear perspective drawing skills.  Varied activities keep the level of interest very high.  Students are encouraged to draw at home and to keep a personal visual journal that will be compiled at the end of the 9 weeks term.  All students will have at least one art work included in the school wide art show held in the spring of the year.
Kristin BloodworthArt Rotation
Hewitt-Trussville Midle School Athletics Information
Karen Johns
The Hewitt-Trussville Middle School Band is made up of over 250 members in three different bands.  One hundred twenty five 6th grade students are involved in the Beginning Band, where they learn to play a musical instrument for the first time.  The two other bands are Concert Band and Symphonic Band.  The Concert Band is made up of sixty 7th and 8th grade students.  The Symphonic Band is made up of seventy five 7th and 8th grade students and play advanced middle school band literature.  All 7th and 8th grade band students participate in the Pep Band which plays at all home football games, pep rallies, and some school assemblies.  All of the bands perform a Holiday Concert and Spring Concert. 
Band takes patience and lots of practice.  It helps students learn to be independent, responsible, and co-operative.  Besides all that – band is fun!
Brandon PetersBand
Choir 6/Rotation
Students who select Rotation as their Sixth Grade elective will participate in Choir for one nine week grading period.  This nine week period allows students to become familiar with building skills as a singer as well as the expectations of singing in a choir.  Throughout the nine weeks, students sing a variety of musical styles, develop music reading skills, and learn to sing in two-part harmony.  The nine weeks culminates with a performance in the Choir Room for parents and grandparents to attend.
The Choir 6/Rotation experience also encourages many students to continue to sing in Choir as a Seventh and/or Eighth Grade student.
7th/8th Grade Mixed Choir
The Seventh and Eighth Grade Mixed Choir rehearses daily to increase the students’ abilities in singing skills and to prepare for performances.  The Choir members are both young ladies and men. Students participate in concerts and choral festivals throughout the school year and are occasionally invited to perform in the community for special events.  Students perform a variety of music from classical to pop music.  Students have the opportunity to audition for the Alabama All State Choir and Young Voices Festival.

7th/8th Grade Girls’ Choir
The Seventh and Eighth Grade Girls’ Choir rehearses daily to increase the students’ abilities in singing skills and to prepare for performances.  Students participate in concerts and choral festivals throughout the school year and are occasionally invited to perform in the community for special events.  Choral students perform a variety of music from classical to pop.  Students have the option to audition for the Alabama All State Choir and Young Voices Festival.  Many girls enjoy the opportunity of singing with a “girls only” group.
Kay CarterChoir
Counseling Opportunities
Sue Boyd and Alice Lawley
Debate Team
Debate Team
Kim Hutchens
Huskies in the Middle
Student Run Television Studio hosted on TCS Intranet.
Huskies in the Middle is proud to provide morning announcements to the student body every morning.  The HT-TV team is student operated.  All news casts are anchored, shot, and produced by students.  Interviews are done inside the studio to promote a sense of community within the school.
April Chamberlain
Media Center
Media Center
Jamie PeersonMedia Center
Lego Mindstorms (18 weeks)
Students learn how to program basic robot behaviors using motors and rotation, sound, light, touch and ultrasonic sensors.  By incorporating their own creativity, design, logic, and problem-solving skills, students can explore endless engineering, math and science opportunities.

Design and Modeling (9 weeks)
Students use geometry, problem-solving, teamwork, and project management skills to design and develop product prototypes.  Students do NOT need to have a working knowledge of geometry for this course.

The Magic of Electrons (9 weeks)
Engaged in relevant hands-on projects, students unravel the mysteries of digital circuitry and will be introduced to the principles of electricity and electronics.  They will learn how electrons produce electromotive force and move from one atom to the next.  They will design simple circuits to sense real world conditions and explore the implications of electricity on our lives.
Matthew MichalkeRobotics
Scholar's Bowl
Scholars Bowl is an academic team made up of 6th through 8th graders who compete in a Jeopardy-like game against other schools.  Our team is in a local league, and our matches are mainly in the Fall against public and private schools such as Moody, Springville, Odenville, and Pell City. 
Darrell Stovall
Science Olympiad
Science Olympiad fosters pride in the academics.  The students flex their intellectual muscles in areas such as ecology, chemistry, robotics, biology, etc.  Students have the opportunity to compete against top students across the state in the field of science.
Kimberly Swann-Carter
Technology Opportunities
Shane Clay
7th and 8th Grade Theatre Arts I
This year-long course introduces students to the theatre and offers them many acting opportunities.  Students study improvisation, pantomime and mime, voice and diction, acting, dramatic structure, varieties of drama, theatre history, and play production.  Students must be willing to incorporate creativity and imagination into many varied class productions.  The course requires student participation in class plays, skits, monologues, poetry interpretation, theatre games, and movement. 
8th Grade Theatre Arts II
The prerequisite for this course is Theatre Arts I.  Theatre II students are more involved in character development, script analysis, collaboration, and the role of technical theatre in a production.  In addition to studying dramatic structure and the overall acting process more deeply, students will continue to examine theatre history, broaden theatre vocabulary, and respond to productions by communicating thoughts and feelings, explaining concepts of aesthetics, and evaluating artistic choices.  Students will participate in class plays, skits, monologues, poetry interpretation, theatre games, and movement.
Drama Club
The Drama Club produces two afterschool plays/musicals each year.   Students audition to participate in each production. 
Kim HutchensTheatre
The HTMS Ambassadors act as hosts and hostesses of our school. Students are selected in the spring through an interview process.  In addition to their duties as hosts and hostesses, Ambassadors also participate in service projects throughout the year.
Lauren Dean, Victoria Milton, and Kathy Troncale
National Junior Honor Society
The National Junior Honor Society is a nationally recognized, prestigious organization that upholds the value of knowledge.  Membership in the Hewitt Trussville Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society must be earned by the effective demonstration of the five qualities held in high esteem by the Society: scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship.   In order to qualify, a student must be in the seventh or eigth grade, have a 4.0 GPA, and be held in high regard by the faculty and staff here at HTMS.  The selection process begins in February.
Amanda McIntoshNational Junior Honor Society
collapse School: HTHS
Alternative Learning Center
Bill HamiltonALC
Rhonda Brittain
Scott Waid and Stephanie Ezell
Band, Jazz
Jazz Band
Scott Waid
BEST Robotics
BEST Robotics
Jason Dooley
Allen Gillespie
Counselors for Hewitt-Trussville High School
Amy Simmons, Tonya Mills, Ann House, and Cori Hallmark-RegistrarCounselors Site
Freshman Board
Freshman Board
Jeana Gilbert and Lisa O'Neal
HT-TV, Television Studio
HT-TV, Television Studio at Hewitt-Trussville High School
School OfficeHT-TV Page
Junior Board
Junior Board
Tammy Lee
Library / Media CenterLibrary / Media CenterDonna SpeegleLibrary / Media Center Site
MAPS Program
Bill HamiltonMAPS Program Handbook
Sophomore Board
Sophomore Board
Josh Haynes
Special Olympics
The Special Olympics / Recreation Program provides students with disabilities the opportunity to compete in athletic competitions throughout the school year, advancing to state and even national competitions. This program also incorporates students without disabilities as peer helpers who assist with athletic and social events. The peer helper program offers students the opportunity to gain community service hours as well as serve as leaders in their school and community.
Carrie JonesSpecial Olympics Page
Student Council
Student Council
Tim Stull
We meet as an elective class each year during 4th period.  In this fun class you learn the basics of graphic design and layout, journalism, photography, and print publication.  Applications for enrollment are accepted during the course selection period each year.  Limited to 14 students.
Holleigh Taylorhttp://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1452496686
Information for all Academies
Joy YoungAcademies Site
Academy - Biomedical
Biomedical Sciences is a broad field encompassing many different medical and health care disciplines. These include biochemistry, biomedical engineering, dentistry, forensics, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, physiology, radiological sciences and more.  The HTHS Biomedical Sciences Academy uses the nationally recognized Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curriculum which gives students the academic foundation to enter any of these fields. 
Joy YoungBiomedical Academy Site
Academy - Business and Finance
Business and Finance Academy
Joy YoungBusiness and Finance Academy Site
Academy - Electrical Construction
Electrical Construction Academy
Joy YoungElectrical Construction Academy Site
Academy - Engineering
Engineering Academy
Joy YoungEngineering Academy Site
Academy - Hospitality and Culinary Arts
Hospitality and Culinary Arts Academy
Joy YoungHospitality and Culinary Arts Academy Site
Academy - Information Technology
The Information Technology Academy at HTHS offers a cutting-edge, stimulating learning environment focused on computers, technology and communications.
The Information Technology Academy offers courses in two pathways:  Networking and Multimedia Design/Programming.
Joy YoungInformation Technology Academy Site
Hewitt-Trussville High School Athletics Information
Karen JohnsHTHS Athletics
Art Club
The HTHS Art Club invites all students who are enrolled in a school art class to join.  Membership is open in August and January of each school year.  Art Club dues are $15 for new members and includes the club tee-shirt.  Membership can be renewed each year for $5.  Art Club activities include participation in HT events, such as Homecoming, charity events, Youth Art Month, the Spring Art Show, and art related social gatherings.  Business meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month before school in B036.
Adam Sterrett
Chef's Club
Chef's Club
Laura Rinsky
Creative Writing Club
Creative Writing Club
Stephen McClurg
Debate, Junior Varsity
Junior Varsity Debate
Tonya Capps
Debate, Varsity
Varsity Debate
Stephen McClurg
DECA, Delta Epsilon Chi
Alison Hollingsworth
FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Fellowship of Christian Athletes, FCA
Hal Riddle
Film Club
This club meets once a week to discuss films and learn the basics of film production including screenwriting, filming, editing, etc.  We also attend and submit our films to the Sidewalk Film Festival each fall and compete in the Sidewalk Filmmaking Scramble as a team.
Leslie Terrell
First Priority
First Priority
Chris Bond
HOSA, Health Occupations Students of America
HOSA, Health Occupations Students of America
Chris Walters and Jamey Curlee
Interact club is sponsored by our local Trussville Rotary Club.  We organize, help, and volunteer our time on many service projects both locally and internationally.  These projects include working with JBS mental Health Authority, Habitat for Humanity, and the Umbato, Ecuador water project.   
Sydney White
Latin Club
Latin Club
Doug Welle
Link Crew
Link Crew is a proven transition program for freshman that utilizes upperclassmen as mentors.
Amy Simmons and Chris Waltershttp://www.linkcrew.com
Mu Alpha Theta
Mu Alpha Theta
Ryan James and Rhonda Brittain
National Honor Society
National Honor Society
Leah Burke
Rocket Team
Rocket Team
Jason Dooley and Eric Lambert
Senior Board
Senior Board
Erin Cornelison
Service Association
Service Association
Christy Dooley
Skills USA
Skills USA
Jason Dooley, Chris Bond, Albert Nenny
Spanish Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
Lori Leopard
Technology Student Association
Technology Student Association
Chris Bond and Jason Dooleyhttp://www.tsaweb.org/
Paula Brown
Wellness Club
The Wellness Club implements programs that support overall wellness through promoting healthy choices and reducing risky behaviors.  Programs that the Wellness Club have been a part of are: Alabama Youth Council host; Walking Field Trip; Henry the Hand at Paine; Health Fair at HTHS; Spit Tobacco Program at HTMS; Alabama Focus Rally for Awareness; Dodgeball Fundraiser
Dana DePew
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