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                 We believe that our core business is to provide students with engaging and

          intellectually rich schoolwork.


          Our BELIEFS about our organization:

          We believe that the school system is a learning organization that focuses on

          continuous learning at all levels.

          We believe in professional and timely customer service.

          We believe in mutual respect between and among adults and students.

          We believe that innovation, creativity, and risk-taking in a safe environment

          advance our effectiveness.


          Our BELIEFS about our roles:

          We believe students are volunteers whose attention and commitment must be

          earned in order for learning to occur at  high levels. 

          We believe teachers are instructional leaders and curriculum designers.

          We believe principals are leaders of instructional leaders.

          We believe support staff create an environment that enables students to learn

          at high levels.

          We believe  parents are our partners and members of the school


          We believe the role of the superintendent is one of moral and intellectual leadership

          and central office staff are capacity builders.

          We believe that the school board functions as a team and sees its role as

          building community and advocating for students.



          Vision for Trussville City Schools:  Our students will love learning for a




          The MISSION of Trussville City Schools is to design engaging and

          challenging work that results in students learning important content at high





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