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 General Residency Information

If you are new to the Trussville area and are considering renting or purchasing a home so that your child(ren) will attend Trussville City Schools, please be sure to confirm that the address is within the Trussville City limits.  Many houses have mailing addresses that are Trussville, AL 35173 but are actually either in unincorporated Jefferson County or within the city limits of a different municipality, and thus not zoned for Trussville Schools.  Mailing addresses/Zip codes are not indicators that a specific address is within the city limits.  Please call or email Bill Hamilton at 205-228-3032 or bill.hamilton@trussvillecityschools.com to confirm whether or not an address is zoned for Trussville City Schools.  (Just because students living at an address are currently TCS students, does not mean that new students at that address will be zoned for Trussville Schools.)


You must live in and maintain as your primary residence a home within the Trussville City limits in order for your child(ren) to be eligible to attend Trussville City Schools.  When you establish your primary residence within the Trussville City limits, in order to enroll you will need to provide Residency Verification documentation.  Be sure to ask Alabama Power and Trussville Utilities each for a Letter of Residency when you have your utilities turned on.  You will need these two letters along with your Lease or Warranty Deed (from your closing papers) for this Residency Verification requirement. 

 Transfer Information

The transfer policy of the Trussville City Board of Education meets state and federal law in accordance with the United States District Court.  All transfer applications must be submitted on the appropriate form, completed in full, and signed by the student who wishes to transfer and his or her parent/legal guardian.  To be considered, all applications with the accompanying release must be received on or before June 1 for the fall term of any particular school year. 


All approved transfers are good for one year and one year only. All transfers will be re-evaluated every year. Transportation is not provided for any transfer students. 


Click here for the 2014-2015 School Year Transfer Application.

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