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 Message from the Transportation Office

Please Note:  

 2013-2014 School Year Bus Route Information

The 2013-2014 school year bus routes are posted below! 

To view your bus stop, please click on the bus driver's name/bus number. 


Follow us on Twitter now to receive instant messages regarding updated routes!  @TCSBuses


If you prefer text messages, join Remind101 by texting @busroutes to

(334) 375-7449.


After viewing your bus route(s), if you do not see a stop near your home please contact Sandy Jones at sandy.jones@trussvillecityschools.com or 205.655.5352.   (Bus drivers cannot create or change existing bus stops.)  

We recommend that you have your child at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the posted pickup time.  Your bus should arrive at the stop within 5 minutes of the posted time. For the safety of all riders, students may only get on the bus at their designated/zoned stop.  If your child arrives late to their bus stop and misses the bus, please do not take them to a different bus stop on the route.  Please take your child to school.  

You do not have to call and "register" or sign your child up to ride the bus.  Please just have them at the bus stop.  Within the first few days of riding, the driver will give each rider a Student Information Card which you need to complete and have your child turn back in to the driver promptly.  Thank you!

To view a route, please click on the Bus Number with Driver's Name to open up the route's list of stops with approximate pickup and drop off times.  Again, we recommend that students be at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the posted time.


Paine and Middle School buses run 1 hour early on Monday afternoons due to the 2 pm dismissal time.

High School buses do NOT run late on Thursday mornings.  They run the same time schedule Monday through Friday.

 Bus Routes

Expand/Collapse School : Paine ‎(23)
PAINE Black 05-07.pdfPAINE Black 05-07Ashwood/Calumet/Tutwiler/Brooke'sCrossing
PAINE Brannan 14-04.pdfPAINE Brannan 14-04Tiffany/Linden/Edgeview/Lancashire
PAINE Burnett 06-04.pdfPAINE Burnett 06-04Sherman Oaks/Maplewood/Cherokee/Parkway/VannCircle
PAINE Caine 06-06.pdfPAINE Caine 06-06Lexington Oaks/Mountain Ridge/Smith Sims
PAINE Cataldo 08-04.pdfPAINE Cataldo 08-04Hawkridge/Dawn's Way
PAINE Clevenger 09-06.pdfPAINE Clevenger 09-06Magnolia South
PAINE Condrey 04-01.pdfPAINE Condrey 04-01Woodland/Deshazo/Snake/TrussvilleClay/HappyHollow/DeerfootCross
PAINE Cook 11-03.pdfPAINE Cook 11-03MistyRidge/Kidron/EchoHills/Service/MartinWilson/Memory/LVista
PAINE Cooper 06-07.pdfPAINE Cooper 06-07Fairway/CahabaRidge/Ashford/RoperTunnel
PAINE Dempsey 09-04.pdfPAINE Dempsey 09-04LongMeadow/PilgrimsRest/CrownRidge
PAINE Foster 09-03.pdfPAINE Foster 09-03Advent/FoxwoodEst/HonKeith/ShadyOaks/Wynwood
PAINE Goad 12-03.pdfPAINE Goad 12-03Rockridge/Charnwood/Worthington/PineStreet
PAINE Hill 09-07.pdfPAINE Hill 09-07Carrington
PAINE Holderfield 14-03.pdfPAINE Holderfield 14-03Windsong/Camp Coleman/Happy Hollow/Mary Munger
PAINE Hood 08-03.pdfPAINE Hood 08-03Still Oaks/Creekside/Trussville Springs
PAINE Hoover 05-09.pdfPAINE Hoover 05-09FBradford/Dollar/CahabaPark/VlyCrest
PAINE House 06-02.pdfPAINE House 06-02SChalkville/Queenstown/Cahaba Forest
PAINE Jones 05-04.pdfPAINE Jones 05-04Roper/Cahaba Cove/Rivercrest/Glen Cross
PAINE McElroy 15-04.pdfPAINE McElroy 15-04Mermont/Forest/Kingstown/Alabama/StillOaks
PAINE Reagan 05-02.pdfPAINE Reagan 05-02HuntersCreek/CooksMoore/Chatham/Weatherford/OldRoper/CahManor
PAINE Trammell 12-04.pdfPAINE Trammell 12-04Dawns Way/Hidden Trace/Barkwood
PAINE Trice 05-03.pdfPAINE Trice 05-03Rock Creek/Stockton/Carrington/Peppertree/OldMill
PAINE Younes 14-05.pdfPAINE Younes 14-05Carrington
Expand/Collapse School : HTMS ‎(12)
HTMS Alex 01-12.pdfHTMS Alex 01-12HonKeith/ShOaks/Advent/Wynwood/Carrington/OldMill/Saddlewood/Crown
HTMS Bell 15-02.pdfHTMS Bell 15-02CampColeman/Windsong/Stockton/Peppertree/RockCreek/ShermanOaks
HTMS Billingsley 05-05.pdfHTMS Billingsley 05-05Queenstown/Alabama/GlenCross/MagnoliaSouth/AmberTrace/Kingstown
HTMS Bishop 12-02.pdfHTMS Bishop 12-02Calumet/Tiffany/Rockridge/Charnwood
HTMS Blankenship 11-02.pdfHTMS Blankenship 11-02RoperRd/CahabaCove/TrussvilleHills/MackRoper/RoperTunnel
HTMS Burch 15-03.pdfHTMS Burch 15-03Carrington/Happy Hollow/Mary Munger
HTMS Burrow 05-08.pdfHTMS Burrow 05-08SmithSims/MtnRidge/Lexington/FBradford/CahPark/TrussvilleClay
HTMS Hollis 06-08.pdfHTMS Hollis 06-08Hawkridge/Hidden Trace/Barkwood
HTMS King 09-08.pdfHTMS King 09-08Kingstown/Cahaba Forest/Tutwiler
HTMS Love 14-02.pdfHTMS Love 14-02Worthington/Pineview/Parkway/Cherokee/Maplewood/VannCircle/Poplar
HTMS Murray 09-09.pdfHTMS Murray 09-09Mermont/Forest/Queenstown/Cooper/Still Oaks/SChalkville
HTMS Sisson 09-12.pdfHTMS Sisson 09-12MistyRidge/Kidron/Longmeadow/PilgRest/LVista/Deerfoot/HapHollow
Expand/Collapse School : HTHS ‎(8)
HTHS Dempsey 09-11.pdfHTHS Dempsey 09-11Forest/Queenstown/Cahaba Forest/Cahaba Cove/RoperTunnel
HTHS Kilcoyne 09-05.pdfHTHS Kilcoyne 09-05Advent/HonKeith/Hwy 11/CampColeman/CrownRidge
HTHS Lasagna 08-02.pdfHTHS Lasagna 08-02Smith Sims/Floyd Bradford/MackRoper/Cook/Weatherford/Popstone
HTHS Meacham 09-02.pdfHTHS Meacham 09-02TrussClay/MagnoliaSouth/TraceWay/Hawkridge/Parkway/HappyHollow
HTHS Saxon 09-10.pdfHTHS Saxon 09-10Happy Hollow/Wynwood/MaryMunger/Carrington
HTHS Scozzaro 05-01.pdfHTHS Scozzaro 05-01ShermanOaks/Maplewood/Vann/Brookes/Tutwiler/Calumet/Rockridge/SnakeHill/Skyline
HTHS Sheridan 06-05.pdfHTHS Sheridan 06-05Pineview/Tiffany/GraysonVly/ServRd/Longmeadow/Memory/PilgRest/LVista
HTHS Snider 06-03.pdfHTHS Snider 06-03Roebuck/AmberHills/Mobile/Queenstown/GlenCross/Kingstown/Mermont/StillOaks

 Contact Information

To contact the Transportation Department, please call Sandy Jones at 205.655.5352 or email:  sandy.jones@trussvillecityschools.com.

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