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Solving Equations Applet
This is the solving equations applet that we used in class.  If you need extra practice solving equations use this link.
Solving Equations Examples
Solving Equations Video
Solving Literal Equations
This link provides a step-by-step explanation of how to solve several literal equations. 
Graphing Linear Inequalities
This is a video giving a detailed explanation of how to graph a linear inequality.
Online Algebra I Book
Go to this website and select High School Math, Alabama and then click "Go". A page with several Algebra I books will come up. Select the third book in the top row titled "Algebra I 2004". This is the book for this course. I did not issue a book to each student but if you would like extra practice with the concepts that we are learning in class this is a great resource to use.
Graphings Systems of Inequalities
Evaluating Functions
Stem-and-leaf plots practice
Box-and-whisker plots practice
Scatter Plot Practice
More Box-and-Whisker Plot Practice
Uniform Work Problems