Husky Hour

  • Husky Hour is embedded time during each school day for students to attend club meetings, receive tutoring, complete make-up assignments/tests, eat lunch, speak to college representatives, study, or just relax. 

    Students will find information on daily events, announcements, schedules, and all other information related to Husky Hour on this site. Just click on the menu links to find information on:

    1. Lunch Schedule

    2. Lunch Menu

    3. Club Meeting Dates

    4. Clubs & Organizations

    5. Announcements & Links

Academic Tutoring & Make Up Days

  • Don't forget that you can get academic tutoring or complete make up work for your core subjects on these days. 

    If you need writing help, the Writing Center in the library is open every day during Husky Hour and Mrs. Coleman is there to help you!

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