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Club Day
PI is pleased to offer Club Days to our students at least 6 times per semester on Thursdays.  Each grade will go to their club for 90 minutes.  Each student chooses a club to participate in for the semester.  Some of our club choices are:
Sports & Fitness, Yearbook, Husky Helpers, Board Games, Golf, Engineering, Art, Choir, Drama, Computer, Girl Scouts, Survival and Spirit Squad.
Lauren Blake
Drama Club
Drama Club is for 5th Grade only.  Drama Club students are chosen at the beginning of each school year and prepare for 1 school wide performance each year. 
Jennifer Bruno, Ruth Ann Clay & Anne OwensDrama Club Website
Gifted and Talented Education (GaTE)

Students that are identified as Gifted and Talented at Paine Intermediate are served through our GaTE (Gifted and Talented Education) program.  We use the State of Alabama eligibility criteria to determine whether a student qualifies for our program.  All students are screened for GaTE in 2nd grade and again when SAT scores are released in 4th through 6th grades.  The GaTE program is an enrichment pullout program through which we strive to challenge students and instill the love of learning.  We use the concept based curriculum model and each year we look at our units of study through a different conceptual lens helping students to make connections between broad concepts and topics.

Sue Koch and Niki Lincoln
Safety Patrol
Students from each 5th grade class will be selected by homeroom teachers to serve for one grading period during the first semester.  Fourth graders will be selected for Safety Patrol the second semester.  The selections will be made by the homeroom teachers based on responsibility, effort put forth in the classroom, positive attitudes, etc. rather than set criteria such as honor roll and no conduct checks.  It is possible, but not likely, that a student will be selected more than once.  This will allow all qualified students to serve on Safety Patrol at least one time.   
Lauren Blake or Niki Lincoln
Science Olympiads
Science Olympiad is a competition team who participate in challenges that test their knowledge in various science topics. Students on the team prepare for the challenges through research, investigation, hypothesizing, testing, and reflecting. We compete in a regional Science Olympiad Competition in February against other elementary school teams. Team members are selected in the spring through an application process for the following school year.
Niki Lincoln or Sue Koch
Accelerated Reader (AR)
AR is a wonderful reading program we utilize here at Paine.  Please read Mrs. Bruno's Blog Post to find out what it is all about!
Beth Bruno, Kelly McGough
Other technology integration includes our school’s morning show, WPIN, which is broadcast to every classroom via closed-circuit television. Fourth and fifth grade students write, direct and produce the show each day.  Special reports are done weekly, including Skyping with people in other states and other countries.  
Kelly Watkins & Elizabeth Wilson
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