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    Dates for 2018-2019

    Safety Patrol members are expected to serve for the entire rotation to which they are assigned.

    • Rotation #1: 8/20 - 10/19
    • Rotation #2: 10/22 - 1/11
    • Rotation #3: 1/15 - 3/15
    • Rotation #4: 3/18 - 5/24

    Safety Patrol members are leaders in our school and we count on them to perform their duty each day.  


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are students selected to serve on safety patrol?

    All current 5th grade students may sign up to be considered for safety patrol. Selections are based on character traits such as being responsible, courteous, dependable, dedicated, and cheerful. The safety patrol committee will select safety patrol members who demonstrate these characteristics. Grades are not a consideration as long as the grades reflect that a student is working up to his/her potential. In addition, classroom teachers will be asked to recommend their students for safety patrol. 

    If I fill out the online form, will I automatically get to be on safety patrol? 

    No. We will consider past classroom behavior and overall character as well as check that there are no office referrals or excessive absences/tardies. 

    What time should morning safety patrol report to duty? 

    Car riders should report by 7:20 and should be dropped off in the car line. Bus riders should report for duty immediately upon arrival at school each morning. 

    What time should afternoon safety patrol report to duty? 

    Students should leave their classroom right after afternoon announcements and go straight to duty.

    ***Please keep in mind that if your student rides the bus, afternoon safety patrol will not be an option for them. ***

    What time should my parent pick me up if I serve in the afternoon? 

    Afternoon safety patrollers should be picked up at 3:15 through the car line (2:15 on Mondays). 

    What do I do if it rains?

    As long as it is not thundering and lightning, safety patrollers will still serve. Please bring a rain jacket, an umbrella, and rain boots (if you have them) when you know it is going to rain. We have some rain ponchos at school but they are "one size fits all" and may not provide the best protection from the rain. 

    What is the policy for late arrival and early dismissal due to weather? 

    Safety patrollers WILL serve on late arrival days. Students should report to their posts 30 minutes before the school day is set to begin. If school is dismissed early due to weather, safety patrollers WILL NOT serve. Our goal is to get all students home as quickly as possible on early dismissal days. This does not include 2:00 dismissal on Mondays. Students will serve as usual on Mondays. 

    What if I will be absent and cannot serve one day? 

    If you know that you will be absent ahead of time, please let Mrs. Osburn know in writing or via e-mail.

    If you are chronically absent or late, you will be asked to allow someone else to serve. 

    What if I lose my provided safety patrol vest?

    Students will not be allowed to serve without a vest as it is a safety measure. Please let Mrs. Osburn know immediately if you have lost your vest as a replacement will need to be purchased. 

    What if I need to drop out of safety patrol?

    Students agreeing to serve on safety patrol assume a responsibility and a commitment that needs to be upheld for the entire rotation. If a circumstance arises where you are unable to fulfill your commitment, a  note or e-mail written by a parent/guardian needs to be submitted to Mrs. Osburn. 

    Is there a way a student can be removed from safety patrol?

    All safety patrollers should portray the above character traits as well as guidelines that are reviewed during training. Patrollers not abiding by the guidelines may be removed from safety patrol by an administrator. Students will automatically be dismissed from safety patrol for the remainder of the term of service if they receive an office referral or bus infraction. Students who have excessive tardies or absences will also be removed from their position. 

    Who do I talk to if I have questions?

    The teacher on duty or Mrs. Osburn