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New P.A.C.E. Character Traits for 2022-2023

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September 1, 2022
Jason Gaston, APR

TCS - Nearly 500 TCS stakeholders recently shared input via a survey asking selections for TCS' 2022-2023 P.A.C.E. (Positive Attitudes Change Everything) Character Traits. The winning traits serve as a relaunch of the program and serve as guideposts for educators as TCS provides character education this school year.
At 71%, “Respect” won the most votes.  “Respect” has already been rolled out as September’s P.A.C.E. Character Trait.  Specific to school settings, teachers will drive home definitions of the traits and provide prompts for student conversations.  Signage will be on school walls and student devices.  TCS Superintendent Dr. Pattie Neill welcomes the relaunch of the P.A.C.E. program.

“Good character is of paramount importance in the school setting and in the community,” Dr. Neill said.  “Our TCS mission is to educate students and foster competencies that will lead to productive citizenship. Our character education program is one way to teach good citizenship, and it enhances our school climate and culture in positive ways. The timing is perfect to re-launch this important part of our school program as some of our students and families emerge from very difficult experiences over the past two years.”

The winning P.A.C.E. Character Traits are as follows: 

1. Respect 71%

2. Kindness 58%

3. Responsibility 56%

4. Honesty 51%

5. Compassion 51%

6. Self-control 50%

7. Integrity 48%

8. Gratitude 44%

9. Perseverance 43%