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ACAP Summative Testing Concludes

May 6, 2022
Jason Gaston

TCS - ACAP (Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program) Summative testing for Grades 2-8 concluded this week. As a district, a total of 17,077 tests were administered covering the areas of ELA (English Language Arts), Mathematics, and Science. This year’s standardized testing overall went very smoothly, according to District Test Coordinator Mrs. Stephanie Rosetta. 

“Testing has gone extremely well this year,” Rosetta said.  “The Building Test Coordinators and Principals did a phenomenal job at creating the best testing environment for our students.”

Many ask the question – why so much testing?  End-of-year testing provides a summative assessment of how far students have grown academically from the start of the school year in August. The ACAP Summative is mandated by the state and used in monitoring student achievement within schools. The tests provide valuable information to our school leaders and how to continue to move their students forward and provide them with the best resources. 

ACAP Summative scores will be released in the Fall – the state has not provided the official release date yet. TCS will be provided the reading section of the Summative scores in May and this will be used in helping design the district’s Summer Literacy Reading Camp. 

“There is always room to grow, but overall, I think we, as a district, did a great job preparing for testing. Our teachers always go above and beyond in preparing their students,” Rosetta said.

TCS used a different model for testing in elementary schools this school year. By testing one content area per week, the students were able to “be kids” and enjoy the week at school and do more than just “test.” The atmosphere of testing was positive and the students seemed to be more well-rested and ready to tackle the test for the day, educators reported. 

Teachers across TCS expressed how much they appreciated the design of this year’s testing schedule and the inherent student benefits provided therein.