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Engineering Academy Rounds Out Successful Year


May 17, 2021

(HTHS) - It has been another banner year for the Hewitt-Trussville High School Engineering Academy, especially for three Senior Design teams.

Reagan Felts and Kaylee RivasA team comprised of seniors Reagan Felts and Kaylee Rivas has been named one of the top three national finalist teams in the Thomas Edison Pitch Contest. Their “Hot Paws” invention consists of a leash prototype that reads the surface temperature and prevents injuries by alerting pet owners when the pavement is too hot for a dog's paws. Reagan and Kaylee now move on to compete in the final round of this prestigious contest sponsored by the Edison Innovation Foundation.  See an overview of their design in this video.

Seniors Eli Muncher and Drew McDowell presented their Engineering Senior Design Project to several judges at the International Science Fair by Zoom in early May.  They designed a system that could be retrofitted to existing cars that would notify drivers if one of their reverse lights, brake lights, or tail lights was not working.

The duo Morgan Dotson and Kenny Nguyen also form a competitive team.  The duo was awarded first place in the Behavioral and Social Science category at the State Engineering and Science Fair.  Morgan and Kenny are driven to assist young students who have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).  They developed a computer game for young students to play, and the program analyzes their answers and time. They analyze data collected by the game to help with early ADHD detection. This early detection will help to ensure students receive early support and intervention. 

“{All of these teams} represented Hewitt-Trussville High School and the Engineering Academy in an outstanding manner. Congratulations {goes to all of them} for their hard work,” EA Instructor Jason Dooley said.

Eli Muncher and Drew McDowellJason Dooley and Tom Moulton lead the Engineering Academy.  Founded in 2008, the Academy utilizes the nationally-recognized Project Lead The Way Curriculum.  More than students are enrolled each year in the Academy courses.  Students can take up to five different courses which focus on teaching problem-solving utilizing the engineering design process.

The Academy prepares students for the increasing technological demands of the global workplace. Students enrolled in this program utilize math, science, technical writing, and computer skills as they explore different areas of engineering. This program serves as a platform for students who wish to pursue an engineering or technical degree after high school.

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Morgan Dotson and Kenny Nguyen