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Founding Board of Education Member Stan Garrett Reflects on 16 Years of Service


May 17, 2021

Founding Board of Education Member Mr. Stan Garrett will complete an incredible three terms on the Trussville City Board of Education in May 2021.  He was honored at the May 17, 2021, Board of Education meeting with a reception.  Garrett, who decided not to seek reappointment to the Board of Education, reflects on his three terms of service to the students of Trussville.  

Q:  What prompted you to seek appointment to the Trussville Board of Education?
A: I was asked by members of the community and a school official if I would be interested. I have always been involved in giving back to the community and thought it would be an opportunity to continue giving back in accordance to how I have been blessed. I submitted my letter and I was first selected as an advisor to the Board along with another individual in 2005. In 2006 I was appointed to the Board by the Trussville City Council.

Q: What has your time on the Board been like?
A: My time on the Board has been a gift from God because it has given me the opportunity be part of a group of people that has positively impacted the lives of children, teachers, administrators and the community.

Q: What are some of your most memorable accomplishments/highlights of your service on the Board?
A: I would first like to say we had a good school system when we were part of Jefferson County. By forming Trussville City Schools, it gave us a tremendous opportunity to offer more things to positively impact education, sports, arts, etc.  Just a few of my most memorable accomplishments: new high school, new elementary schools, academic success in all schools through school/teacher collaboration to make sure each student is prepared to proceed to the next grade/school.  We are recognized at the local, state, and national levels as being one of the best school systems. That is a direct reflection of what’s taking place in our classrooms through the leadership of our teachers, staff and administrators. We also have some of the best sports facilities in the state. I would also like to say that it was through the support and cooperation of the city government that much of this was possible.

Q: How have you seen Trussville City Schools evolve since its 2005 inception?
A: I have seen this system evolve through all of the things mentioned earlier, but over my 16 years I have seen our system and community work together to give our children a better opportunity to be productive citizens. The evolution in our case is that we are now focusing more on educating the whole child, realizing that education goes beyond the classroom and knowing that we have to offer more opportunities for our students to succeed after they graduate from Trussville City Schools.

Q: Where do you see the school system in 5, 10, 20 years?
A: I see our system continuing to embrace the needs of every student as they are presented. I am confident that we will continue to increase diversity in all areas and value the life experiences of all to better equip our students to be productive in the diverse world that we live and operate in.

Q: What advice do you have for Mrs. Tolbert – or anyone else in the future - who might seek Board of Education appointment?
A: I will draw from my experience to give this advice to Mrs. Tolbert and to others. I have found that every person that I have served with on the Board brings value and is dedicated to making our students, teachers, staff, and administrators better. Your opinions/input matter, but it is important to know that your role is governance, policy and providing a vision that has the students’ well-being at the heart of it. The community and parents are important, you cannot be a successful system without them, but if you find yourself spending too much time focusing on parents and community, the students are probably not getting what you were appointed to the Board {to accomplish}.

Q: Tell us about your family and hobbies.
A: I am widowed. I am the father of two children, Jordan and Peyton, both are graduates of TCS.  I have two grandchildren, Kamari (12) and Loyalty (30 months). I enjoy spending grandparent time with the grands and family time with the entire family. I enjoy quiet time, working at the family retreat, coaching youth basketball.

Q: What is next for Stan Garrett?
A: I plan to continue to stay aware of what’s going on with our school system. I don’t know if there is a “what’s next” for me, but a continuation of the things I am doing in the area of community involvement, both here and in Talladega where I spent my childhood years.