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Dr. Mandi Logan: Years of Service to Public Education

June 14, 2021

TRUSSVILLE -  Assistant Superintendent of Student Services Dr. Mandi Logan will soon begin another career challenge.  As she does so, she reflects on more than two decades of service to students across Trussville and eastern Jefferson County.

Q: What would you like to share about your background?
A: I am from the eastern Birmingham area.  I graduated from Huffman High School and went on to graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education from Auburn University.  I then graduated with my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education from UAB.  After teaching several years, I received my Ed.S and then eventually my Doctorate in Education Leadership from Samford University.


Q: Where all have you worked and what roles have you served?

A: I began my career at the Burkett Center in Jefferson County Schools where I taught for five years.  I then was hired to teach at Hewitt Elementary which was also part of Jefferson County Schools at that time.  When Trussville City Schools was formed in 2005, I chose to stay with Trussville and continue my career. I transitioned to special education supervisor in 2006 and worked for several years eventually becoming the special education director. Around 2012, I transitioned to Student Services Coordinator and then became Assistant Superintendent for Student Services.   


Q: In a nutshell, how do you explain to people what you do day in and day out? 
A: This question always makes me laugh, because I cannot put into words what this role entails.  In a small district, you assume many hats and so during the course of a day, I take on and off different hats depending on the nature of the task or situation.  Some of the major areas in this role involve school nurses/student health, school counselors, attendance, residency, enrollment, student information systems, federal programs, social emotional learning, character education, and school safety.  All of these areas have branches that involve various federal requirements, state reporting requirements, and annual law updates that require detailed attention.  The job is never the same from day to day. 


Q: What has your current role been like the past few years – and how has it grown/evolved?  
A: Student services is made up of the support systems that are crucial for the system to function well.  I usually say that these are the services you would not notice until they stopped happening.  I have enjoyed being able to grow with this department. I can remember a time when there were around 3,500 enrollment records to work with and now we are pushing an enrollment of close to 5,000 students.  The growth has been tremendous and I would expect it to continue. 


Q: What would you consider some of your career highlights? 
A:  I am very proud of our character education framework, P.A.C.E. (Positive Attitudes Change Everything).  This framework has evolved to become part of the culture and climate in each school to recognize students and staff for implementing the highlighted skill each month.  Our school counselors have embraced P.A.C.E. and utilize the skills as a cornerstone for teaching our students how to live their lives with great character.  I believe if you have good character, then you have everything.


Q: What is it like having two graduates of Trussville City Schools – and a husband who works for the system?

A: Having two children who went to TCS from K5- 12th grade has been a gift. The years fly by, but I have a treasure trove of memories from first days, field trips, awards, extracurricular activities and so much more that I will cherish.  I never expected to have a spouse that also works here, but the Lord has a way of making sure we understand that his plans are not something he needs our help implementing.  George worked in the electrical construction field for close to 20 years before becoming the electrical construction teacher at Hewitt-Trussville High School. He excels in his role and loves his students so very much.  I’m biased, but I think his students are so fortunate to have someone who believes in them and is putting more than 100% into supporting their success.


Q: When people ask you what is Trussville City Schools like, how do you respond?  Where do you see the system in 5, 10, 20 years?
A: TCS is an amazing organization with the most caring people!  I would expect TCS to remain at the top of the state for years to come.  We have amazing students and families, teachers and administrators, as well as passionate system leaders who want nothing but the best for this city and school system.  When you have a comprehensive team like we do, greatness is the only destination.

Q: What’s next for Dr. Mandi Logan?

A: In January 2021, a friend reached out to me about a potential administrative position within their construction company.  While I was eligible to retire from education, it was not something I had considered at this point in my career.  I prayed that the Lord would close the door on this opportunity since it was not in my plan.  Instead, the door kept widening and it became clear where the Lord wanted me to be.  For those who know me, my favorite hobby is learning. I research and problem solve for fun. If I had unlimited funds, I would be a lifetime student just for the fun of learning.  So, it makes me extremely excited to start a career where I know very little about the content and will have the opportunity to learn and grow new skills. Additionally, I am excited to have some time to serve and give back to the community in various ways. I recently accepted an invitation to serve on the Trussville YMCA advisory board and I am looking forward to supporting this amazing organization.  It is so very hard to say goodbye to Trussville City Schools where I have friends who are like family.  I have a vested interest in the success of Trussville City Schools and will gladly continue to support the system in every way I can. 

The Trussville Board of Education appointed Dr. Rachel Poovey to be the next Assistant Superintendent for Student Services at its June 14, 2021 meeting.