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Meet TCS Technology Integration Specialist: Rachel Brockman

October 17, 2021


(TCS) - Rachel Brockman has reinvented herself several times.  From outdoor educator to stay-at-home mom to librarian, this Trussville City Schools employee has held a number of roles.  All of that experience has led up to her current post, Technology Integration Specialist.

Q: What is your exact job title and general day-to-day duties?
A: I am Trussville City Schools’ Technology Integration Specialist. My day-to-day duties include working with teachers to integrate the Digital Literacy/Computer Science (DLCS) standards into teaching, helping teachers troubleshoot technology integration issues, assisting in training and facilitation of the district's Lead Technology Teacher Trainers, working with our media specialists on district and long-term planning, organizing the monthly data governance process for approving student software, assisting the district's Curriculum and Instruction department in the design and implementation of professional development, and facilitating our three teams working towards STEM certification through COGNIA.


Q: Where all were you before this role?
A:  Before taking this role, I taught in the YMCA’s Outdoor Education Program at Camp Cosby, taught 1st grade in Apopka, FL, worked for the mouse as a tour guide on the “Living with the Land” boat ride in EPCOT, taught 6th-grade language arts at Simmons Middle School in Hoover, raised two toddlers as a stay-home mom, worked as a K-2 Librarian at Paine Primary School, and worked as a 6-8 Librarian at Hewitt-Trussville Middle School.


Q: What was appealing to you about this position at TCS?
A: I was intrigued with the opportunity to take a wedge of my job as a librarian – helping integrate educational technologies into classroom standards and helping teachers successfully utilize technology in their teaching – and really sinking my teeth into it. I also was excited about the opportunity to work more with colleagues all across the district – we have such good people at Trussville City Schools!


Q: What have been some of your biggest takeaways so far regarding this new role?
A: These first few weeks in the tech department have brought a new broader view of our district – so many moving parts, and a deeper appreciation of how hard our technology department works.


Q: For someone seeking this line of work in which you’re in, what advice would you give them?
A: I would advise them to work in multiple levels of a school district so that they have an understanding of the different needs secondary schools have from elementary schools. I would recommend patience, kindness, and empathy, as usually when people have to call the tech department, they are frustrated or stressed. Definitely steep yourself in the DLCS standards. And I would encourage the acquisition of a good day planner.

Q: Outside of work, what do you do?
A: When I’m not working, you can find me in my vegetable garden, spending time with my family, or planning travel to a National Park with my husband!