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Meet Matt Kinsley: New TCS Network Administrator



November 10, 2021

(TCS) - Matt Kinsley joined the Trussville City Schools Technology Department during the summer of 2021.  His responsibilities are vast and vital; without his expertise, day-to-day teaching and learning would look very different.  Maintaining a large network in this high-tech era requires a wide array of skills and talents - including a dynamic personality and sharp interpersonal communication skills.

Q: What is your exact job title and what are your general day-to-day duties?
A: Network Administrator. I monitor the network, so things like making sure that the WiFi is functional and user experience is uninterrupted. I monitor traffic on the network looking for any suspicious or malicious traffic and set policies to mitigate security risks. Lastly, a large component of the position is ensuring communication is available building-to-building so that teachers and staff are able to access their files/applications as needed.


Q: What was attractive to you about this position at TCS?
A: What interested me the most in the opportunity to join TCS was becoming a part of and working within this community. My wife and I relocated to AL from NY in 2020 and have felt the most at home here in Trussville. In addition, coming from a position where I was solely responsible for all I.T. aspects it was nice to join a team environment that you could brainstorm and bounce things off of.

Q: What have been some of your biggest takeaways so far regarding this new role?
A: When a WORF comes in, get on it!

Q: For someone seeking this line of work in which you’re in, what advice would you give them?
A: Learn….and don’t stop learning! Technology is constantly evolving and new solutions to new problems emerge all the time. I try to spend at least an hour a day on Udemy, YouTube, or doing some type of research to enhance my knowledge in areas I know I’m weak in.  

Q: Outside of work, tell us a little bit about yourself.
A: My wife and I have a little boy, Charlie, who just turned a year old. I love to participate in all sports and watch a few. HUGE Michigan Wolverines fan and have a Zaxby's salad almost every day for lunch.