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CES Participates in Auburn University's Science Olympiad

science olympiad students in front of Cahaba

April 22, 2021

(CES) - Cahaba Elementary School recently entered two student teams in the Elementary Science Olympiad Competition sponsored by Auburn University.  Thirty-eight students practiced for the fifteen competition events.  Students studied for these events virtually.  They dedicated their own time and energy to learn more about science.  They used the websites and a Schoology class that was prepared for them by their coach, Mrs. Rish. They also took notes on their own and created flash cards, journals, and more to prepare to represent Cahaba in the virtual tournament.

Students gathered in the cafeteria mid-April 2021 to showcase their discoveries.  Tests have been sent to Auburn and we await results. 

What are some of the things that Science Olympiads do?

  • Learn about the respiratory, digestive and nervous systems
  • Create paper planes to study aerodynamics
  • Create aluminum foil barges, learn how to load them and estimate the loads
  • Learn vocabulary words in a large variety of scientific areas
  • Study the flora and fauna of the Gulf of Mexico
  • Investigate disease spread and prevention
  • Identify trees in a variety of way and understand their uses
  • Read food labels and understand nutrition
  • Read and create graphs
  • Estimate and figure measurements and volumes of various solid objects
  • Identify rocks, minerals and their attributes
  • Name and explain constellations, stars, and other space topics
  • Construct a tower that will hold a weight
  • Identify weather tools, patterns and other meteorological information
  • Read maps to find pertinent information