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Lunch Guests

To help us manage space and food resources, we will follow the guidelines in the chart below for lunch guests through the end of this school year.

  • All guests must check in the front office with a driver's license.
  • Pre-school siblings and especially strollers are highly discouraged
  • Restaurant fast foods and carbonated drinks may not be brought into the lunchroom.
  • Visitors should wait outside the cafeteria for their child’s class. 
  • Lunch visitors should not go to the classrooms, playground or any other area of the building.
  • Lunch visitors should eat with their students at one of the guest tables. Other students are not permitted to join you.
  • Please say goodbye in the corridor beside the cafeteria and exit the doors by the office.
  • Microwave ovens are for staff use only.


Students whose last name begins with……

May have lunch guests on these dates

A - C

Monday, April 25

Friday, May 6

Thursday, May 12

Wednesday, May 18


Tuesday, April 26

Monday, May 2

Friday, May 13 

Thursday, May19


Wednesday, April 27

Tuesday, May 3

Monday, May 9

Friday, May 20


Thursday, April 28

Wednesday, May 4

Tuesday, May 10

Monday, May16


Friday, April 29

Thursday, May 5

Wednesday, May 11

Tuesday, May 17

  • All school areas will continue to be cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Please use hand washing, be always aware of social distances and practice respiratory etiquette.
  • The use of face masks are no longer recommended by the CDC, but masks are allowed


In addition to the chart above, each grade level will schedule a picnic day and communicate that date to you.