Summer Math, Writing, & Reading Challenges

Summer Reading, Writing, and Math Challenges

Summer Challenges Prizes

Magnolia’s Summer Math Challenge:

Our summer math challenge is on Dreambox! Students, go to and login with your username and password. Make sure you let your teacher know in the fall that you participated and she can check online to see if you completed the math challenge. Completed lessons count towards your total minutes!

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Complete 20 lessons and 100 minutes in Dreambox

3rd Grade-5th Grade

Complete 28 lessons and 120 minutes in Dreambox

Magnolia’s Summer Writing Challenge:

You will need some paper or a notebook and a writing utensil to get started on this challenge!

You must write at least 2 entries per week (on paper stapled together or your notebook) from June 24-Aug 2. This will be a total of 12 entries. Bring your notebook to school in the fall to collect your prize!

What should I write about? You can write about anything, but here’s a few writing prompts to help:

  • Write about what you did today.
  • Write a story about something cool that happened.
  • Write about what you are reading.
  • Write a poem.
  • Write about something you noticed.
  • Write about a time when you were proud.
  • Write about what superpower you would like to have.
  • Write about how you can be a good friend.

Magnolia’s Summer Reading Challenge:

Summer Reading Challenge
Click here for a printable math challenge, writing challenge, and reading challenge.