• The Counselor's Role:

    School Counselors assume many roles and they assist in a variety of ways.  Counselors are an integral part of the school community, working with students, teachers, other school personnel, and parents.  Counselors also coordinate more in-depth services with community agencies when the need arises.  Elementary school years set the tone for developing the knowledge, attitude, and life skills necessary for children to become healthy, productive adults.  With a comprehensive and developmental guidance and counseling program, counselors help lay the foundation for personal, social, and academic success throughout school.  By providing a nurturing and caring environment for students, their needs are met through prevention, early at-risk identification, and intervention services.

    How Can We Help? 

    We are here to help children feel valued, accepted, and safe while at school.  We also want to help them learn positive coping skills and character values.  As a result, this will enable them to make good choices when they face challenges involving friends, peer pressure, bullies, self-esteem, feelings, academic difficulties, and/or family concerns.  These issues can often be addressed through responsive counseling services. 

    Counselor Services Include:

    • Individual counseling (1-on-1 with the child)
    • Small peer groups for related issues
    • Classroom guidance lessons and career exploration activities
    • School crisis intervention as needed
    • School-wide character education programs and state initiatives throughout the year (EX: Attendance Awareness Month, Red Ribbon Drug Awareness Week, etc.)

    Counselors Work with School Personnel to:

    • Identify and help struggling learners
    • Decrease classroom disturbances
    • Promote positive behavior
    • Increase school morale
    • Recognize early warning signs for students at-risk
    • Implement safety and violence prevention programs
    • Plan with learning communities and problem solving teams

    Learn More: 

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