Parking Information

  • 2018-19 Parking Spot/Decal Information

    At this time only upcoming Juniors and Seniors may apply for a parking spot.  

    The parking spot application is a part of the online school registration packet for next school year. Your registration must be complete and verified before you can pay to reserve your parking spot.

    Your parking spot is not reserved until:

    1. You have completed your school registration online.
    2. Your registration is verified by the BOE.
    3. You pay the parking/drug testing fee (cash or check only).

    Parking Decal Payment Dates:

    Every Tuesday in June and July (except the week of the 4th of July)

    Parking Fees (cash or check only)

    $35 - Parking Spot

    $15 - Drug Testing Fee


    $50 - Total

    Quick Reference Step by Step

    Step 1:  Complete your registration for next school year.

    Step 2:  Your registration will be verified by the board of education.

    Step 3:  Pay your parking fee during Husky Hour on the above dates.

    Step 4:  Pick up decal in late July on a date that is TBD.