2020-2021 School Year Calendar

  • Pictured below is the Board-Approved TCS 2020-2021 School Year Calendar. Student holidays are shown in red. The color-coded TCS Calendar in PDF format can be downloaded or printed.

    Key remaining dates for this school year include:

    • March 22-26 – Spring Break (12-month Employees Work 1 of these Days)
    • April 23 - Virtual School Day
    • May 27 – Student Last Day Dismissal at noon
    • May 27 – Grading Periods End
    • May 28 – Teacher Flex
    • May 28 – School Classified Off
    • May 31 - Memorial Day

    If you have questions or need alternative formats, please contact the Board of Education at 205-228-3000.

Download, View, or Print:

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