• Facilities and Support Services   

    The Trussville City Schools Facilities and Support Services Department strives to promote a heathly learning environment by providing safe, clean and secure state of the art classrooms and facilities for our staff and students.   

    The Facilities and Support Services Coordinator Brian Pharris is responsible for facility management and maintenance of all school and administrative facilities. He also represents the school system at meetings with various community groups relating to school facilities or grounds. 

    The Facilities and Support Services Department is organized around the following functions: 


    • Work orders for schdueld and emergency maintenance for facilities and preventative maintenance on equipment and systems 
    • Monitor contract services for security, landscaping maintenance, cleaning, pest control and other varies services 
    • Manage minor and major construction and/or repair projects performed by outside contractors 
    • Managing facility usage for school and community events

     Environmental Health and Safety:

    • Assure ongoing compliance with federal and state regulations and policies. These are areas including American Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility, asbestos management, recycling and other various policies 

    Capital Planning: 

    • Long range planning for capital projects such as replacement of major physical components (roof, parking lots, etc.)