Transportation Overview

  • Bus route stops and times are subject to change, especially at the beginning of a school year.  Please make sure to check back regularly.  You do not have to call to register or sign your child up to ride a bus.  All students of TCS will be assigned a bus for their route.  We recommend you look on the announcements page in Chalkable, find the bus routes for the school your child attends, and look for the bus they will ride.  If you do not know how to access your Chalkable account, please contact the front office of the school your child attends.  

    Each stop has a posted pickup time assigned -- please have your student at that stop 10 minutes prior to pickup time. 

    For the safety of our students, families, and bus personnel, our bus routes are no longer public information.  The link to 2021-2022 bus routes is open in Power School Enrollment (your registration software) to all registered families. Bus routes will be viewable the week of July 26, 2021. In addition, the link will remain on the announcements page of Chalkable for future reference. After viewing your bus route(s), if you do not see a stop near your home within distance and safety guidelines, please contact our office. Bus drivers cannot create or change existing bus stops.

    We ask that you support our safety efforts by not publishing bus route information on a public site (social media, web pages, blogs, etc). 



    The mission of the Trussville City School's Transportation Department is to support the academic day by providing safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services for the students of Trussville City Schools.

     We are committed to....

    • Operating buses that are safe, clean and attractive.

    • Picking up and delivering students to their authorized destination on time and in an orderly manner.

    • Operating all buses in accordance with state laws, Board of Education and guidelines established by the Transportation Coordinator.

    • Ensuring that all personnel who operate vehicles for pupil transportation are a positive influence for public relations.

    • Developing and enforcing rules and regulations for the efficient operations of buses as it relates to the safety of TCS transportation employees at all times.


    Quick Tips:

    We recommend that you have your child at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the posted pickup time. For the safety of all riders, students may only get on the bus at their designated/zoned stop. If your child arrives late to their bus stop and misses the bus, please do not take them to a different bus stop on the route. Please take your child to school.

    You do not have to call and "register" or sign your child up to ride the bus. Please just have them at the bus stop. Within the first few days of riding, the driver will give each rider a Student Information Card which you need to complete and have your child promptly turn back in to the driver. Thank you! 

    Please Note: All schools now dismiss one hour earlier on Thursdays.  Cahaba, Magnolia, Paine and HTMS dismiss at 2:00 PM while HTHS dismisses at 2:15 PM.