Bus Tips: Young Students & Parents

  • Our bus drivers have complete authority over all students and the power to enforce all local, state, and federal rules and regulations.  Bus drivers have the same authority on the bus as teachers have in the classroom.  Their directives are to be followed at all times to transport students safely, orderly, and reliably.


    General Safety Rules

    • Obey the instructions of the bus driver.  At no time should a student be disrespectful or refuse to cooperate with the driver.
    • Board and leave the bus at designated stops only.
    • All students must ride their assigned bus.  Student transportation on a bus other than the bus regularly assigned will be granted only if room is available on the bus and the school administraton approves the written parental request.
    • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide transportation to school if a child misses the bus.
    • The driver will not allow any unauthorized person to board the bus.


    Procedures for Waiting for the Bus

    • Students should be at their designated bus stop ten (10) minutes early and visible before the scheduled pickup time.  The driver will not wait or honk, nor will he/she stop for late students or students running for the bus.  Allow the driver ten (10) minutes before and/or ten (10) minutes after the scheduled time to get to the stop.
    • Note:  The "ten-minute" expectation also gives us a cushion in case we encounter unusual or unexpected conditions (accidents, broken traffic signals, traffic jams, trains, inclement weather, etc.) that might delay our route.  We rarely arrive at school after the starting bell and routinely meet our goal to deliver the students to campus "on time and ready to learn".
    • Students should be no closer than 10 feet from the bus, which is called the "Danger Zone". Be in plain sight of the approaching bus driver and other traffic.  Be watchful and don't play around. 
    • Before the bus approaches, form a line and be prepared to load immediately.
    • Stand still and clear of buses.  Move toward the bus ONLY after the bus driver opens the door and/or driver signals you to load.
    • Parents/guardians should instruct their children on what to do if they miss the bus.

    Exiting the Bus

    • Stay seated until the bus has come to a complete stop and the door has opened.
    • Use the handrails and take one step at a time leaving the bus.
    • Wait for your turn to leave the bus.  Pushing and crowding will only slow exiting and may cause an accident.
    • Students must move away from the bus as soon as possible. They do not chase or hang onto the bus at any time.  Stay out of the bus "Danger Zone".
    • If crossing the street, wait for the driver to signal, and cross in front of the bus.
    • If an article drops or rolls near or under the bus, get the attention of the driver immediately.  Do not attempt to retrieve the item.  Keep your eyes on the bus driver at all times.
    • Parents/guardians should instruct children (especially young ones) on what to look for to know whether it is the correct stop for them and where to go after exiting the bus.


    Missed Buses

    • If a student misses the bus, it is the parents'/guardians' responsibility to provide transportation to and from school.  Parents/guardians, please instruct your children on procedures to follow if they miss the bus.
      • If the bus is missed in the morning, go home immediately.
      • If the bus is missed in the afternoon, go to the Principal's office.
    • Once the bus starts moving, it will not stop to pick up a late student.  Do not run after a moving bus at the bus stop or at school.