• Classroom Wish List:

    Thank you for visiting our classroom wish list. Below are items we love and use most every day. We greatly appreciate your generosity and gift to our classroom.


    • Barebooks- We love to imagine, write, and share stories each day! By giving a class set (24) of Barebooks, our children will be able to create their own special books, a learning artifact they will be so proud of!
    • Treasure Box Items- Our students work hard to excel with their AR reading goals, as well as personal conduct each day. By giving our classroom special items for our treasure box, students are rewarded for their accomplishments, both academically and behaviorally.
    • Hardcover Children’s Books- In our classroom, books are some of our best teachers and friends. By giving our classroom beautiful, hardcover books, you are helping to grow our library and surround our children with interesting settings, characters, and content to learn and grow from. If you decide to give a book, it would mean so much for your child to sign his or her name and/or write a special message on the inside cover.
    • Wellness Supplies- We use Disinfectant Wipes, Myers Antibacterial Cleaning Spray, and Puffs Tissues with lotion (square box only please), and snazzy band aids each and every day. We greatly appreciate health and wellness supplies for our classroom, as these are highly-consumable items that serve to keep our classroom clean and our children feeling their best.
    • Pencils- Students use pencils everyday, and a new pencil often inspires imagination, creativity, and productivity. By giving our classroom new, colorful, cheerful pencils to work with, you are sparking a joy that ignites a passion to create!
    • Thematic Craft- As a part of our Social Studies curriculum, we study holidays and traditions, and our children love the opportunity to make arts and crafts. If you would like to give a special craft for one of our upcoming holidays, that would be greatly enjoyed and appreciated by our children. Simply send in the needed supplies with your learner and email me a picture and/or directions.
    • Beautiful Stationary (cards and envelopes)- The culture of our classroom is one of kindness and love for others. By giving a set of beautiful stationary, our children will be inspired to write special notes to others, encouraging thoughtfulness and care!
    • Small White Canvases- We love to connect the modalities of art and reading. By giving a class set (24) of small canvases, students will be able to represent the worlds of their stories, both characters and settings alike with artistic expression!