Cahaba Elementary: Established 1938 & 2016

  • aerial view of Cahaba Elementary

    When Cahaba Elementary School opened in the fall of 2016, it brought with it a rich history that started in 1938 when the doors of this historic campus first opened as Hewitt High School.  It was named for Dr. Robert Green Hewitt, the "father of education" in the Trussville area of Jefferson County. 

    Dr. Hewitt started the community's first school in 1869.  This school was named Trussville Academy and was a 60x40 wooden building located near South Chalkville Road and the railroad tracks.  Trussville Academy served approximately 60-100 students, with Dr. Hewitt serving as its principal from 1869-1871.  His love for education changed the course of many students in Trussville and that legacy continues to this day.  The current Cahaba campus, as stated above, was originally built as Hewitt High School and served thousands of students for decades until it went dormant in December of 1983.  This site then reopened in September 1984 as Hewitt-Trussville Middle School.  It closed again in December 2007, then reopened in August of 2016 as Cahaba Elementary School.

    This incredible campus has a signature light fixture on its "front porch."  This original piece has hung through four major wars, nineteen presidential elections, and twelve presidents.  It has lit the doorway to education for more than a century, a tradition steeped in history now poised to serve a new generation eager to create its own educational history.