Five students look on as a student uses an ipad to drive a Sphero robot.
Four female middle school students show they are first to break out of the library.
Three high school students use studio lighting equipment to take pictures.
  • The success of Trussville City Schools is one of the greatest assets that the city of Trussville has to offer its citizens. In addition to providing an education that is comparable to any school system in the state, our home values and business successes can be directly linked to the vitality of our schools. Every resident of Trussville as well as business owner and company doing business in Trussville is dependant upon Trussville City Schools to operate at its peak. It takes the whole community to make this happen by supporting the functions of Trussville City Schools. This can be done in many ways from the contribution of time, talent and treasure. While the majority of public school funding come from the state level the most highly successful school systems in Alabama set themselves from the rest with local funding. The number one source for local funding is local ad valorem taxes. While the citizens of Trussville have recently voted and increased these taxes we are still way behind in local funding compared to the Alabama school systems that are consistently ranked #1 in the most prolific academic achievement rankings. Trussville City Schools Foundation tries to make up for this gap by garnering financial support which it then contributes directly to the school system in an annual gift as well as to specific teachers through a grant program. It is a long term goal of TCSF to build an endowment to continuously fund these efforts and more! Your financial help is always welcome. 

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