National Junior Honor Society

  • Requirements and Membership

    National Junior Honor Society

    The Hewitt-Trussville Middle School Chapter

    (7th and 8th Grade Students Only)



    1. Scholarship: 1st Semester Grades: 90 or above in each academic class.   
    1. Citizenship: Must have only O’s and S’s; no assignments to in-school detention or alternative placement; no out-of-school suspensions. 
    1. Character: A student that demonstrates the following: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. This is determined through teacher evaluation forms from each teacher in the school. 
    1. Leadership: A student must show this through roles in both school and community to be considered. This is determined through teacher evaluations and the candidate’s application. 
    1. Service: A student must demonstrate that he/she desires to serve his/her school and community.

    Community Service Hours for 2023-2024

    The purpose of the NJHS pillar of service is to serve your school, your community, and your country.  Working in the church nursery, taking care of children (such as VBS), and/or babysitting are wonderful things, but they are not considered service work to the community as a whole. Our goal is to challenge our students to serve in a way that benefits a community. Listed below are some examples of community service hours.

    Examples of community service hours include:

    • Volunteering at an assisted living facility, food pantry, library, and other nonprofit organizations such as Serving You
    • Volunteering at a dog shelter
    • Volunteering at a concession stand (as long as you don’t get paid)
    • Neighborhood yard work (as long as you aren’t being paid)
    • Feeding the homeless
    • Making blankets for foster children (Fleecing the Flock is an example.)


    1. Student must attend all meetings unless notified in writing or email prior to meeting. Two absences are allowed. 
    1. Student must maintain the requirements above throughout the school year. A grade check will be performed at the end of every nine weeks. 
    1. Students must participate in one service project determined by the students during the school year. 
    1. Students must adhere to all national standards as well as our local by-laws.
    1. $25 dues payable to the National Association


    This organization is a wonderful way to teach our students about being productive, service oriented citizens while having fun! The students work hard, but we have a blast!

    We usually meet on Tuesdays at 7:25 AM unless specified on announcements.